Just another regular day for Lowell, driving the Protector (true to its name here) as chase boat for a sailboat race yesterday (called Three Bridge Fiasco). Helping prevent a disaster into the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge with the Shadow Cat catamaran. This photo was caught by the press. #sailing #catamaran #sfsailing #california #protector #goldengatebridge (at San Francisco Bay)



Jherek Bischoff tells Terry Gross about sailing between Mexico and Hawaii:

One time, I was helping a friend sail from Mexico to Hawaii, and I was out in the middle of the ocean, and suddenly the ocean went completely still and there was no clouds in the sky — which is actually kind of rare for out in the middle of the ocean. And the wind totally stopped and the ocean was perfectly glassy and, at one point, the stars were a perfect mirror image with the sea. And all of a sudden, I completely lost my sense of direction and which way was up and which way was down, and I felt like I was floating in space because it was just stars completely surrounding me.

Image by Hengki Koentjoro